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A profile of the man and his vision.

Yoropiko Collaborations
- New Balance

One of the most memorable RMC Yoropiko Collabs.

Yoropiko Collaborations

RMC Martin Ksohoh
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Yoropiko Jeans and Apparel
Welcome to the Official Yoropiko Website.

Yoropiko Jeans, denim wear, sneakers and apparel.

Yoropiko Tailored Denim by Martin Yatming is reverting to the good old days, which is “art vintage” selvedge denim.

Yoropiko Jeans and Apparel
Official Yoropiko Press Releases.

Latest Yoropiko Press Releases and Magazine features.

Dizzee Rascal rocks Yoropiko's Hungry Dragon jeans on stage at the Astoria.

Yoropiko Accessories and Sneakers
Yoropiko Jeans + Bejewelled buttons

Yoropiko jeans come with gold buttons as standard. For a little extra you can buy a set of additional gem stone buttons for these unique jeans, which you can even use as cufflinks! The gems offerred vary from rubies to diamonds. Each set has 5 buttons and you’re able to buy different sets to add even more style to your denim.